There IS - NO Waking, NO Dreaming, NO Deep Sleep


The waking state is not really the waking state.

The dream state is not really the dream state.

The deep sleep state is not really the deep sleep state.

The names "waking" and "dream" and "deep sleep" are names given from the apparent waking state itself.

From the Self, both the "waking" and "dream" are equally dream-like and illusory.

The so-called "deep sleep" state is the nameless stateless state.  It is the Absolute Itself.  That Which IS.

When seen from the perspective of taking the "waking state" to be the "default" position, the "sleep state" is an unconscious state, but this is not the case.

What IS the case is not and has nothing to do with these arbitrarily-made three states.

There are NO 3 States: No Waking, No Dreaming, No Deep Sleep.

All these simply appear and seemingly function according to the rules of illusion.

All along only the Self IS.

Only I Am.