The Real Solution for All 'Problems'

The solution to every problem is to search for the "one who perceives the situation as a problem."

Who is this one? Where did it arise from? Seek its source. Do it now.

Is there a problem anymore?

The Illusion of a Necessary Journey

All spiritual paths and sadhana(s) are custom-made for those who believe a particular type of journey is required to become what they already are.

When, by Grace, it is seen that "the one who has believed in a necessary journey" is itself a belief, the sadhana drops of itself and the ever-attained 'goal' of liberation is realized to be the case from the very 'beginning'.

Who has a problem in the dream state?

When there is a "problem" in a dream,

The solution is not to "solve the problem."

There is only one solution to all problems in the dream.


Note that the one that wakes up is not the same as the 'one who has the problem' within the dream.

WAKING UP is the dissolution - not only of the dreams, but also of the 'one who has a problem'.

The 'one who has a problem' and the dream are actually one.

The 'one who has a problem' only exists within the dream.

They appear together and dissolve together.

The 'one who has a problem' and the dream itself cannot appear without the perceiver of both!

Find out what you are.

This is the only solution to all dream "problems".