Arrogance and Humility are both Unreal

Who is being arrogant?

Who is to be humble?

The Guru has pointed out that you are beyond arrogance and humility.

Arrogance is not yours.

Humility is not yours.

You aren't do-ing arrogance.

You aren't do-ing humility.

You aren't any thing.

You simply ARE and THAT IS IT.


"Arrogance" and "humility" are not real things.

Can I say this?

"Arrogance" is a judgment call made by the mind about some "thing".

"Humility" is also an analysis made by the mind.

You ARE prior to the mind.

Don't purchase these thoughts of "arrogance" and "humility".

Allow it to come and go.

Stay as you ARE.

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