Identifying Enslaves

I = Being

I am = Perceiving, Knowing

I am this/that/etc. = Identifying

Remove the identification and just know that you are. Identification is the act of separating and enslaving your Self. Identification with any thing makes you a slave to all of the thing's propensities. Those propensities belong to the object and not to you. For instance, if you identify with the body, you become a slave to the propensities of the body. If the body is irritated, you become irritated. If the body is at peace, you feel at peace. You make your peace dependent upon the body's peace. For that to happen, you have to make sure the surroundings are such that the body is at peace.

The same goes for your mind. When you are identified with a body, or a mental position, you become a slave of that position. You are unable to be at peace unless the surroundings, or situation is according to what that mental position requires.

Observe this and see whether it is true that identification enslaves before you move on further.