Song of The Self- Mool Mantar

Song of The Self - Mool Mantar 
Sung by : Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
(Late 15th Century)
ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ
ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ

The One Self

Is-ness/Suchness/ Being is The Name

The Sole Do-er of All.

No Fear of Other

No Sense of Other-ness

Timeless - Formless (Not an Object)

Never born

Ever Present

All Teachings pointing to Itself happens spontaneously by its own Grace

(On the occasion of the upcoming Birthday (Jayanti) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 
on November 6, 2014)

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