You Hold On To Thoughts

By The Grace of Sri Mooji Ji & Sri Ananta Ji,


Thoughts don't hold on to you.

You hold on to thoughts!

You actually don't hold on to thoughts.

You are actually the space in which all thoughts and the appearance of the one to hold onto them arise.

Only a false (identified) idea is affected by thoughts.  Thoughts only affect those of their nature.  Thoughts affect thoughts.

The thinker and the thought simultaneously arise.  The thinker is simply a thinker-thought.

When you sense that "you" are affected by something, stop right there and inquire:

"For whom are these thoughts arising?"





Meeting the Satguru


Meet the Satguru

by dissolving yourself.

Dissolve yourself

by seeing that there is no separate one here.

Only the Satguru remains.

You are That.


Song of The Self- Mool Mantar

Song of The Self - Mool Mantar 
Sung by : Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
(Late 15th Century)
ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ
ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ

The One Self

Is-ness/Suchness/ Being is The Name

The Sole Do-er of All.

No Fear of Other

No Sense of Other-ness

Timeless - Formless (Not an Object)

Never born

Ever Present

All Teachings pointing to Itself happens spontaneously by its own Grace

(On the occasion of the upcoming Birthday (Jayanti) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 
on November 6, 2014)


If the Light of Truth (Sat) is an Eternal Light, then it can never be overcome by darkness. Any kind of "not-seeing" of the Light is only a belief maintained through and by ignorance.
Therefore the Guru does not remove the darkness to reveal the Light (for the light is Ever-Revealed, Never-Concealed). 
The Guru only removes this belief of there ever being something able to cover the Eternal Light. 
The Guru removes ignorance, the only darkness there is, and it is an illusory one.

Jai Guru Dev!

Don't Fight the Mind

Don't fight the mind.

You will never win the mind.

The one who is fighting with the mind
is itself of the mind.

Drop the mind.


realise you have always been 
free of the mind, 

for the mind appears in you.

A Ridiculous Conundrum!

The old parable about losing something inside the house and then looking for it outside the house is apt here.

What you believe you've lost is TIMELESS.  Yet you believe you can find it IN TIME.

What you believe you have lost is PEACE.  Yet you think you can find it while FRETTING ABOUT.

What you believe you are looking for is ONE-NESS.  Yet you think that you can find it by turning it INTO AN OBJECT that YOU are separated from.

Isn't this RIDICULOUS?

Identifying Enslaves

I = Being

I am = Perceiving, Knowing

I am this/that/etc. = Identifying

Remove the identification and just know that you are. Identification is the act of separating and enslaving your Self. Identification with any thing makes you a slave to all of the thing's propensities. Those propensities belong to the object and not to you. For instance, if you identify with the body, you become a slave to the propensities of the body. If the body is irritated, you become irritated. If the body is at peace, you feel at peace. You make your peace dependent upon the body's peace. For that to happen, you have to make sure the surroundings are such that the body is at peace.

The same goes for your mind. When you are identified with a body, or a mental position, you become a slave of that position. You are unable to be at peace unless the surroundings, or situation is according to what that mental position requires.

Observe this and see whether it is true that identification enslaves before you move on further.