The Futility of Pointers to Point to THAT WHICH IS NOT A "THAT"

All words are pointers. The only problem with words in pointing to your self is your self is actually not located any-where that can be pointed at because it is every-where. The problem with pointers is that all pointing is occurring within this. How will you point to it when you are it? If you point to your physical body, that is not it. Because the seeing of the physical body occurs. within it. If you point away from your body, that is not it either, because even that is seen! So there is no-where you can point to show it as an object, yet these words are called pointers and they point to no-thing because that which it is trying to point to is not a “that”. So please don't get stuck on words here. Get a sense of what is being pointed at. It is that felt-presence that can't leave you no matter what.   

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