Dream Dialogue

Disciple:  Master, it is clear to me now.  I can see this world as a dream.

Master:  How is this world like a dream?

Disciple:  I can see that everything moves and occurs automatically and that there is no reality to anything that I see in the dream.

Master: That's good to see.  But that's not all of it.

Disciple: That's not all of it?  What else is there?

Master:  That's what I am asking you.

Disciple:  Well, I can see that there is no permanence to anything that I am seeing.  All the houses, the cars, the people, they are not there at all, but they just seem to be there.  What else am I missing?

Master:  What role do you play in the dream?

Disciple:  What do you mean?  I am myself in the dream.

Master:  That character in the dream that you call "yourself" is as unreal as all the other objects you were mentioning earlier.  If you see all as unreal, but still think that this one is real, you haven't reached the complete seeing yet.

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