Being Molested by a Ghost

For thoughts to arise, there must be space. The only reason we don't realize this space is because we are too focused on the thoughts to notice the space. It is just like a teacher drawing a circle on the blackboard and asking the students, “What do you see?” Most of the students will say “A circle.” What about the entire board? Don't stop there, what about the entire room? You see, there is so much in our field of vision that we take in, but we are not aware of it. We are simply focussing on the tiny bit of internal movement that revolves around the idea of us. That is all we are doing. We are not living life, we are not being lived by life either. We are being lived by thoughts. And the scary part of it is that these thoughts are not even ours. So if we continue to allow ourselves to be molested by these thoughts, then guess what, your whole life you are being molested by a ghost that doesn't exist! The name of this ghost is “me”.

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