Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj: from The Aletheon

Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj
AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You imagine, from the "point of view" of the conscious mind (or of the body-mind-"self' altogether), that you are associated with all kinds of "objects" and "others", and so on. That apparent association is an illusion. You never encounter an "object" in and of itself. Look around you. See those bodies and those "objects" in the room? You comprehend all of that through an illusion. You interpret it falsely. In fact, you "experience" all of that as forms of Consciousness. Consciousness is your association with those appearances. Those appearances are forms of Consciousness — but you want to call them "things", as if they are separate from Consciousness. Nothing you "experience" is separate from Consciousness. Everything you "experience" is an "experience" in Consciousness. Everything you "experience" is an "experience" of Consciousness. You never "experience" anything separate from Consciousness. It is all in Consciousness, and, yet, you want to babble on about an "objective world". There is no "objective world" separate from Consciousness. You have no such "experience". You have never had any such "experience". All your "experiences" are in the medium of Consciousness. The proper investigation of Reality Itself, then, is a process in Consciousness. ------

What is Truth?

What is Truth? Is there any such thing as "the Truth"? Why am I asking about Truth and what do I mean when I am "asking about Truth"? Isn't "Truth" just another word? What is this word pointing to? Do I know? Do I have an idea? 

 Isn't “Truth”, what I am looking for, already an idea in my mind? Am I not just going around in circles by posing the question while already knowing, or assuming that I know what I am looking for? This seems to be a game that I am playing with myself. I create the meaning of Truth, without knowing what Truth is, and begin a search for it. How do I assume this search will end? How will I know what Truth is? Will I know what Truth is when it is right in front of my face? Is Truth an “it”?

So right now, even the search for Truth becomes a question in itself. The search for Truth seems to be useless unless I know what exactly I mean when I say Truth. And if I know exactly what I mean when I say “Truth”, then do I need to search for it? This seems to end nowhere and just take me around in circles. Am I just playing with words? Why am I playing with words?

Reality: Always-Already the Case

By the Grace of Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj:

For Reality to Be Reality

It Must Not Be an "It"

As All "Its" are conditional and merely apparently separate (but are not intrinsically separate since their conditional nature presumes that they are all interlinked via innumerable conditions in order to appear to be separate).

For Reality to Be Reality

It Must Not Be Dependent on any conditions

As All dependency on conditions presupposes an intrinsic need for those conditions to exist for Reality to Be.

However, Reality does not require conditions to exist for It IS the Source Condition (Conditionless Condition) of all that arises.

For Reality to Be Reality It Must Only Be.

There are No "conditions" required for Reality to Be Reality Itself

Reality IS As IS.

Reality IS Always-Already the Case.