The Way-less Way to Reach Truth: A Consideration

Can "Truth" be defined?  Is it limited to a something that can be defined?  What is Truth?

Truth, Reality, is defined to be All-That-Is, or the Condition of All-That-Is.

That Being the Case, can Truth be gotten at by/through any point-of-view whatsoever?

How can point-of-view, which is limited, be the mode through which All-That-Is is Realized?

Is that possible?

Doesn't it seem more probable that for Truth to Be Truth, It must BE Transcendent of all points-of-view?

Doesn't it seem more probable that Truth Can Not be gotten through any point-of-view exclusively?

Yes, for Truth, All-That-Is, IS whether there is any point-of-view or not.  Truth IS, prior to any point-of-view that can be assumed and is not gotten at through any mode of point-of-view.

All seeking assumes an inherent point-of-view, and a particular mode through which "the sought" is to be sought.

Taking the point that Truth is not the outcome of any point-of-view, exclusively, we see that no seeking (since, as mentioned, all seeking assumes an inherent point-of-view) can arrive at Truth.

We see that Truth is not gotten at by any kind of seeking (any point-of-view) whatsoever.

We see that point-of-view, any point-of-view, only apparently obscures the Truth by making us "look away from" the Truth and towards the projections generated from the position of point-of-view.

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