What is Truth?

What is Truth? Is there any such thing as "the Truth"? Why am I asking about Truth and what do I mean when I am "asking about Truth"? Isn't "Truth" just another word? What is this word pointing to? Do I know? Do I have an idea? 

 Isn't “Truth”, what I am looking for, already an idea in my mind? Am I not just going around in circles by posing the question while already knowing, or assuming that I know what I am looking for? This seems to be a game that I am playing with myself. I create the meaning of Truth, without knowing what Truth is, and begin a search for it. How do I assume this search will end? How will I know what Truth is? Will I know what Truth is when it is right in front of my face? Is Truth an “it”?

So right now, even the search for Truth becomes a question in itself. The search for Truth seems to be useless unless I know what exactly I mean when I say Truth. And if I know exactly what I mean when I say “Truth”, then do I need to search for it? This seems to end nowhere and just take me around in circles. Am I just playing with words? Why am I playing with words?

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