Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj: from The Aletheon

Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj
AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You imagine, from the "point of view" of the conscious mind (or of the body-mind-"self' altogether), that you are associated with all kinds of "objects" and "others", and so on. That apparent association is an illusion. You never encounter an "object" in and of itself. Look around you. See those bodies and those "objects" in the room? You comprehend all of that through an illusion. You interpret it falsely. In fact, you "experience" all of that as forms of Consciousness. Consciousness is your association with those appearances. Those appearances are forms of Consciousness — but you want to call them "things", as if they are separate from Consciousness. Nothing you "experience" is separate from Consciousness. Everything you "experience" is an "experience" in Consciousness. Everything you "experience" is an "experience" of Consciousness. You never "experience" anything separate from Consciousness. It is all in Consciousness, and, yet, you want to babble on about an "objective world". There is no "objective world" separate from Consciousness. You have no such "experience". You have never had any such "experience". All your "experiences" are in the medium of Consciousness. The proper investigation of Reality Itself, then, is a process in Consciousness. ------

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