Right Religious Practice is ego-transcending

Right "religious" practice is not about the "me" of "you". Right "religious" practice is not about the ego-"I". Right "religious" practice is not about the "me"-person who participates in "religious" observances.

Rather, right "religious" practice is about the Divine — with Which any individual is re-associating, or re-uniting. Right "religious" practice is, ultimately, about discovering Oneness with the Divine Condition to be Always Already the Case. That is right "religious" practice."

- Sri Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj, from The Aletheon

The World is a Projection

Q. The world looks so real. How can you say that it is unreal?

A. It was never said that the world was unreal. It was however said that the world-apperance is a projection. What you are seeing as the world is the film, projected by your light onto the screen of the appearances.

The content of the mind is the film. The film by itself has not power to pull you or attract you. It is inert and is only brought to life by that light.

If that light is not there, there is no appearance on the screen.

Q. Is that the light of consciousness?

A. No, that is the light of attention. Consciousness IS what you are is the entire THEATER and beyond.

Is Enlightenment in my Destiny?

Q. If everything is destined, then enlightenment must also be destined.

A. Enlightenment can never be something that is destined.

Q. Why not?

A. Enlightenment can never be something that is destined because it is the awakening from the story of the one who is destined.

Q. I am confused by what you mean.

A. It is very clear. The you who you believe is destined or not destined is simply a story. It is a fictional story. There never was such a person and in fact there is not such a person right now. All that has to be done is to look and see whether you are really there as this character or not?

Q. I look and I feel that I'm here.

A. It is true that you are here, but as what? Your story can't be the truth of you because that keeps on changing. Five years ago you had a different story. Ten years from now you'll be having a different story. The character keeps on changing but there is something here that remains the same. Find that out. That is awakening. Enlightenment can never be an 'event' in the story of a someone. It is the awakening out of the story of someone and waking up to what you always already ARE.