Q&A: Differing View Points from Different Masters?

Q. But I'm also confused by different viewpoints:

-Ramana says "turn inwards and abide there"

-Nisargadatta says "feel the I am and detach from it"

-Balsekar says "everything is consciousness"

-Robert Adams says to abide in silence

A. There is no confusion in these statements. They are actually stating the same point. Please realize that these are pointers and we should not get stuck with the pointers. Pointers may be different but they all point to the same place. Don't get stuck on the way they point, look to what they point.

-Ramana says "turn inwards and abide there"

To turn inwards is to turn away from all phenomena. To turn away from all thoughts, words, deeds, actions, and anything that is impermanent. When you turn in this way, you are back to the presence: The space in which all of these are showing up.

-Nisargadatta says "feel the I am and detach from it"

To feel the "I AM" is only possible if you turn inwards. Otherwise if the attention is outwards you will only be aware of the thoughts, feelings and the world. So when you feel the I AM, you realize that you are aware of the feeling of I AM. Now detach from it. Realize that you are that in whose presence even presence is seen.

-Balsekar says "everything is consciousness"

This pointer is stating the fact. There is only presence, only consciousness. This is already the case. Thoughts, feelings, the world, is taking place only in consciousness. This statement is not different than the previous two statements. The basis of the previous two statements is remain as this consciousness and not identified as any object that appears within it.

-Robert Adams says to "abide in silence."

This pointer is also referring to the same point. To remain as that silent presence which you are and is all that there is.

So you can see that they are all pointing to presence, to consciousness, to what is.

You are already this! Always!

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  1. Thank you for being you.
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