Any Problem Now?

If we inspect our minds right now, we might believe that we have many problems in our life that need our attention.

Pay attention to your breath. Feel the breath fully. You are alive in this moment.

Is there any problem?

Your whole life is simply this breath going in and out. Is there any problem?

All problems are mind-made and need time to survive.

Your life happens only in the now and everything gets dealt with in the now as it arises.

Is there any problem with now?

What is it? Can you show me a problem right at this moment?

I don't want words coming out of your mind to describe to me a problem you might be having 5 minutes from now. I am not talking about that.

I am talking about NOW! Show me a problem you have right at this moment?

You can't. Why? Because there are no problems in the now. Only occurrences. Only a change in form. Changes in form can never be a problem. They are only happenings.

When your mind resists the happenings, and comments on how things should be different, then you have a problem.

But realize that the problem was not there before the mind came in. Therefore the mind is what creates the occurrence as a problem.

Step 2. Now that you realize that the mind creates a problem, don't turn that into a problem. You are free of the mind. You can witness the mind and its plays without having to get stuck or involved in it.

You are the watcher, the space, in which all the forms are arising- whether they are physical forms, mental forms, emotional forms. All forms arise in you. Be the space that you already are. Simply BE.

Freedom: Ever-Present, Unidentified, Unconditioned Space

Identified with thought, the world takes on a different hue. It stops being neutral and full of possibilities and instead becomes fixed. All that arises in the moment and in all freshness is stale when touched by thought.

Identification with thought apparently obscures the ever-obviously-present Truth of what we truly are.

Allow yourSelf the space to be what you are - the space in which all thoughts arise. Don't identify with any of the thoughts. Simply let them be - and simply let yourself be.

Unidentified, you again become the free, unconditioned space in which ALL THAT ARISES has its basis.

Who You Are

Who You Are is not a Who.

You cannot become enlightened.

You cannot BECOME the Self.

There is no YOU to become the Self.

The Self is all there ever IS, ALWAYS.