You Are Consciousness Itself!

Q. If I am unlimited consciousness, then why do I wake up every day as the same limited person and not as someone else?

A. Your question would be completely correct if there was a "person" to begin with. You experience the sensations as a person, but there is no person there. If you look to your direct experience, all there is is experiencing and nothing else. The idea of a person is nothing more than that, simply an idea that is occurring within the presence that you are.

Look to see that what you believe to be a continuous person is an illusion. There is no continuous person with a life story. The only thing "continuous" is presence which is simply always present. The person is not continuous. There is nothing continuous about the person at all. The body is constantly changing, yet you still feel the same. After a certain number of years you tend to forget how old you actually are until someone asks you your age. You are timeless presence since you are not in time.

The body is constantly changing. The life story is constantly changing. The "person" is constantly changing, yet there is a sense that you are the same. That is because YOU AS PRESENCE are the same. Which brings you back full circle to the point that you are consciousness itself!

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