Nothing is Happening

Q. I don't quite get it when you say that nothing is happening. I mean, so much is going on. There are so many activities and so much happening in my life. How can you say that nothing is happening?

A. When I say that nothing is happening, this is what I truly mean. I mean that nothing is happening and that all so-called happenings are entirely conceptual! Every "happening" is simply a story about a "me" that does things.

If there is no "me" in the first place then what happenings can there possibly be? All happenings are happening to and by a certain someone. But since there is no one who exists, how can there be any happenings?

If we look to our direct experience there is only the ever present awareness and the rising of everything in it. Sensory perceptions and thoughts are perceived. All else, including the idea of a body is simply an idea which is also perceived in the presence awareness.

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