Spontaneous Utterings of a Fool

There is no karma for a person since there is no person for whom karma can be.

Freedom from karma is not possible because that implies that there is such a thing as karma to begin with.

Awakening, liberation, and freedom do not exist as a goal at the end of a path or process of practice, purification, rituals, etc..

Awakening either is the case already, or it is not worth its name.

There is no awakening from sleep. There is no sleep, no awakening. Only the seeing of both sleep and the concept of awakening from a position beyond both.

There is no awakening, no liberation, no moksha since there is no bondage.

You tell me you want freedom, I ask you to explain to me how you are bound. If you cannot explain bondage, you are already free only carrying the weight of old concepts around.

Awakening, liberation, moksha can't happen because there is no person for it to happen to.

A person can never be liberated. Liberation is freedom from the idea of a "person". But liberation already exists, since the idea of a person is just an idea.


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