Don't Get Stuck with Pointers!

Do not try to analyze the words on this blog. Do not try to figure out what is written on this blog. It is not about studying what is on this blog. What is written are simply pointers. If you try to analyze the pointers, you are engaging in a futile attempt because you are not looking to what is being pointed to.

All posts are pointing to that which is already here. It is here before you read the words, while you read the words, and after you read the words. It is pointing to your natural state which is always attained. You are reading from this, about this, with this!

Read the blog, but don't forget the presence in which the reading is taking place.
This is all that is being pointed to.
This blog is simply an excuse for you to read the pointers while abiding as that non-phenomenal presence which is being pointed to. It is the abiding as that which is crucial, not the reading.

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  1. Though these are mere apparent words,however these apparent words sometimes push the apparent reader out of his apparent dream.