Avadhuta Gita Commentary: Renunciation

The Avadhut* says:

"Renounce, renounce the world of appearance;
Then renounce renunciation as well.
But, whether you renounce or do not renounce,
Enjoy the nectar of your natural state."

The truest renunciation is not the renunciation of things, one by one. It is the renunciation of the renouncer since the renouncer is also part of the world of appearance.

Then renounce "renunciation" as a concept as well. Since there is no entity to renounce or not renounce, why bother with the concept of renunciation! Drop it.

Once it is seen that there is no entity here either to renounce or not renounce, all that remains is SPACE-LIKE AWARENESS PRESENCE only.

To say that it is all that remains is also inaccurate. It is not all that remains, it is all there ever IS!

*This translation of the Avadhuta Gita is from The Song of the Avadhut by Swami Abhayananda and can be requested for free as an ebook from him. (Click on his name in the link provided to reach his site.)

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