Avadhuta Gita Commentary: Renunciation

The Avadhut* says:

"Renounce, renounce the world of appearance;
Then renounce renunciation as well.
But, whether you renounce or do not renounce,
Enjoy the nectar of your natural state."

The truest renunciation is not the renunciation of things, one by one. It is the renunciation of the renouncer since the renouncer is also part of the world of appearance.

Then renounce "renunciation" as a concept as well. Since there is no entity to renounce or not renounce, why bother with the concept of renunciation! Drop it.

Once it is seen that there is no entity here either to renounce or not renounce, all that remains is SPACE-LIKE AWARENESS PRESENCE only.

To say that it is all that remains is also inaccurate. It is not all that remains, it is all there ever IS!

*This translation of the Avadhuta Gita is from The Song of the Avadhut by Swami Abhayananda and can be requested for free as an ebook from him. (Click on his name in the link provided to reach his site.)

Spontaneous Utterings of a Fool

There is no karma for a person since there is no person for whom karma can be.

Freedom from karma is not possible because that implies that there is such a thing as karma to begin with.

Awakening, liberation, and freedom do not exist as a goal at the end of a path or process of practice, purification, rituals, etc..

Awakening either is the case already, or it is not worth its name.

There is no awakening from sleep. There is no sleep, no awakening. Only the seeing of both sleep and the concept of awakening from a position beyond both.

There is no awakening, no liberation, no moksha since there is no bondage.

You tell me you want freedom, I ask you to explain to me how you are bound. If you cannot explain bondage, you are already free only carrying the weight of old concepts around.

Awakening, liberation, moksha can't happen because there is no person for it to happen to.

A person can never be liberated. Liberation is freedom from the idea of a "person". But liberation already exists, since the idea of a person is just an idea.



Thinking, when unexamined, appears to come from a "me" for a "me".

Thinking, when examined, is seen to appear from nothing, in nothing, to nothing, for nothing, as nothing.

Don't Get Stuck with Pointers!

Do not try to analyze the words on this blog. Do not try to figure out what is written on this blog. It is not about studying what is on this blog. What is written are simply pointers. If you try to analyze the pointers, you are engaging in a futile attempt because you are not looking to what is being pointed to.

All posts are pointing to that which is already here. It is here before you read the words, while you read the words, and after you read the words. It is pointing to your natural state which is always attained. You are reading from this, about this, with this!

Read the blog, but don't forget the presence in which the reading is taking place.
This is all that is being pointed to.
This blog is simply an excuse for you to read the pointers while abiding as that non-phenomenal presence which is being pointed to. It is the abiding as that which is crucial, not the reading.

Establishing the True Position of "I"

Follow through with this inquiry. Ask yourself these questions and confirm them for yourself as you go along.

Q. I want to know the Self.

A. Where is the location of the "I" that wants to know the Self?

Q. It is here, in this body.

A. Does the body say "I"?

Q. Yes, I am the body and I say "I".

A. When you see a corpse, can it say "I"?

Q. No, the corpse cannot say "I".

A. If the body could say "I", then the corpse should also be able to say "I", but it can't. What does this mean?

Q. It means that there is something else in this body that says "I". Which means that I am not the body.

A. Yes, then what are you?

Q. I am something within this body.

A. Question this assumption. Is this true?

Q.It sure feels like I am this body.

A. Okay, if that is the case, let's look at this another way. When you are asleep and dreaming, you have a body as well right?

Q. Yes, now that I think about it, I have a body as well, when I am dreaming.

A. In the dream, that feels like your real body and the feeling is also that you are inside your body. Can you confirm this?

Q. Yes, this is the case. I can confirm it. I feel like I am inside the body when I am dreaming as well.

A. Good. Now when you are dreaming, where is your location? The real YOU. Where is it? Is it inside the body?

Q. The real me is on the bed sleeping somewhere, not inside the body.

A. That is just a mental answer. In the dream, you feel like you are in your body looking at the world, interacting in the world, where are you located in the dream? Don't tell me that you are on the bed, you need to go to the mind to come up with that answer. Put yourself in the dream, at that time you don't remember your bedroom or anything. Where are you?

Q. In the dream, I feel like I am in the body, but the truth is that I am simply aware of the dream. I don't know where I am located.

A. Look deeper. Are you in the body or outside of the body?

Q. In the dream, it feels like I am in the body, but that body is not real, so I must be outside it.

A. Don't jump to any conclusion about the body being real or not real. Now let's get to the real core of the matter. In the dream body you say "I", believing yourself to be it. Does the dream body say "I"?

Q. I don't quite get your question.

A. I am simply asking whether the dream body can say "I".

Q. Yes, I say "I", even when I am in the dream body.

A. No, no, I am asking you whether your dream body can say "I".

Q. Oh, no of course not, how can something that doesn't exist say anything.

A. But your dream body does exist in the dream. There is a tangible existence of it. You can see it, you can feel it. It does exist.

Q. Yes, the dream body does exist, but it doesn't really exist.

A. Now you are hitting on the right point. What makes it not "really" exist according to you?

Q. It doesn't really exist because when I wake up, that whole set up is gone.

A. Yes, that is true. So you gauge reality by its permanency. If it comes and goes, then it is not real. Am I right in assuming this as your stance?

Q. Yes, that is my stance.

A. Good. Now let's get back to the question I started with. So if the dream body is not real, what said "I" while in the dream body?

Q. It is consciousness that said "I".

A. Good. Where was the location of that consciousness within the dream?

Q. It was everywhere although it felt like it was only in the body.

A. So the body was only an appearance within this consciousness?

Q. Yes, that is how it feels.

A. This is also the case with your current body.

Q. How can this be the case?

A. This is the case with your real body also because it is also not real.

Q. It isn't, but it feels real. I mean, when I wake up from the dream, I wake up into this body. Therefore this body must be real.

A. You said earlier that the definition of real is something that is permanent. If it comes and goes then it isn't real. Isn't this the case with your waking body as it is right now also? When you go into the dream state, what happens to the body of this state? Doesn't it also disappear? When you go into deep sleep, doesn't all of this disappear? If all of this disappears, then how can you say that even this state is permanent?

Q. Whoa, I never thought of it that way before! So this body is a dream as well?

A. Don't jump to conclusions so fast. See this as clearly as you can in order to establish your true position. In the dream state, the dream body is false, but something says "I". We have established that the dream body cannot say "I", yet something says "I". This "I" is consciousness. It is the presence without which neither the dream body, nor the waking body would appear. Now it appears that the waking body says "I", but the truth is that it is consciousness alone which is the presence of "I". All is taking place within it.

Even when you wake up from deep sleep and say, "I wasn't aware of anything". It is the same "I" that noticed that there was nothing to be aware of in deep sleep. There are not many "I"s. It is the same "I" in all three states. In fact, all the three states show up and disappear within the consciousness which we refer to as "I". This is the true and only position. You are the "I". Remain as this and see whether you can ever be away from the Self.

The "I" is still here! (excerpt from an email)

Q. Now here's the problem: I can grasp everything intellectually but I'm still here.

A. You can never be anywhere else but here, so this is not a problem. The only seeming problem is that you have wrongly identified what "is here" with what is "assumed to be here". Your Self, What you Are, is eternal and ever-present. This presence awareness is also aware of the thought of ego. But realize that this is the case. There is no ego! Only awareness of the thought of ego and sometimes a wrong-identification with the thought of ego. However, this is also witnessed. Therefore this is not a problem. You are that Presence and you can only always BE HERE and NOW.

Still Seeking (excerpt from an email)

The reason you are "still seeking" is because you are expecting to find something objective in space and time (whether it is an experience, or some kind of inner confirmation of a state). What kind of confirmation are you seeking? How will you know that the search is over?

If you let the mind continue this game, it can put up endless "obstacles" for another 60 years. In all the teachings it is mentioned that this is not something to be gained anew, it is simply a recognition of what already is.

Seeker and the Search

The one searching for Truth, Awakening, Enlightenment is an illusion.

Truth, Awakening, Enlightenment is simply recognizing that there is no "one" who can attain to these since it is the ALWAYS ATTAINED backdrop on which the seeker and the search is seen.

Nothing to Get

THIS is not something to get.

It is the screen on which all getting and not getting takes place.

Anything that you can get can be noticed.

That which can't be noticed, but in which all noticing appears, is THIS.

Why can't THIS be noticed?

THIS can't be noticed because it is not something separate. It is what you truly are.