The Is-Ness of NOW

This moment is the only moment there is in all of eternity. It is eternally stretched out. Even the word eternity means nothing and falls into only a word that fails at pointing out this truth. No pointer can ever show you the truth. The truth is not something that can be shown. It is something that is. Just as you can never see the present moment, yet everything takes place within it. You will never be able to see the truth because this moment and the truth are synonymous.

What blocks you from seeing the truth of this is the identification with the movement of the mind. Your mind moves within the presence that is you, but you attach yourself to the movement of thought believing it to be true. The moment is as it is. Your thought doesn't change the moment, but it will definitely change your experience of this moment.

Saying something is bad does not say something about the situation. It is simply a thought that is out to analyze the situation. The situation IS or ISN'T. Everything else is added on by the thoughts that randomly occur.

Look to see that you create your own experience. Experience is created when situations or events (form), triggers thought, and you identify with that thought. A thought does not become real until you believe in it. It requires belief. The highest form of belief is complete and total identification with it (thoughts, images). When you are identified you are no longer living in reality but in a fantasy.

Take a step back. Identification itself can also be noticed. You are the noticer of the one being identified. It is all taking place in you. Stay there and realize the dawning realization that YOU, TRUTH, and THIS MOMENT (the only moment there ever is) are (IS) ONE!

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