"I Have Lost it" - Trick of the mind

Q. I have lost that wonderful feeling of the Self and I want it back.

A. What makes you think that you have lost it?

Q. I don't feel the same way I used to. I am bugged by a lot of things going on around me.

A. The mind has got you tricked again. You say "I have lost that feeling." Realize that the "I" that you are using in your statement "I have lost it" is itself the feeling you are looking for. So how could you have lost it when you are using it right now?

You are it right now and are even saying that you are it by using the word "I". The only thing that you are doing right now is to link up this "I" with the thought that you have lost it. Remove the thought of losing or gaining and realize that the "I" is ever-present, ever-self-shining. You can't lose it, you are it and in your statements you say so yourself!

The "I" is ever-present. Don't link it with anything. Or even if it is linked up, don't believe in it. Simply remain as "I". It doesn't get simpler than this. Don't complicate it. You don't have to do anything to be yourself. All that requires effort is not you. You are the one prior to all effort and the seer of the effort. Effort happens within your presence. You are the screen on which all appears.

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