The Eternal Moment: NOWHERE--NOW HERE--HERE NOW--

Each moment is new, fresh, it is here and now. It has never been like this before and it will never be like this again. Can you see that?

It is the YOU that blocks you from seeing it. The YOU is the past that is brought into every moment making it seem like one continuous story. On top of that, the running commentary of your thoughts which you are completely identified with makes you miss the new-ness and freshness of this moment right now.

It is new and fresh, regardless of whether you can see it or not. It is here and now. There is no past to carry into this moment, there is no future to fret about in this moment.

All of the words here are pointers. You'll never find the truth in these pointers. These pointers are not pointing to anything outside of this moment and therefore they fail miserably in pointing because it either has to point everywhere all at once or nowhere. No-thing can point to now-here. It is here and now. Ever-fresh, ever-new, ALWAYS (without the continuity).

Continuity implies a story and there is no story in this moment other than the one the mind comes up with. If you believe the story, you're trapped. If you can see through the story, you're free. Either way, you're always free here and now! What a relief!

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