Freedom: Ever-Present, Unidentified, Unconditioned Space

Identified with thought, the world takes on a different hue. It stops being neutral and full of possibilities and instead becomes fixed. All that arises in the moment and in all freshness is stale when touched by thought.

Identification with thought apparently obscures the ever-obviously-present Truth of what we truly are.

Allow yourSelf the space to be what you are - the space in which all thoughts arise. Don't identify with any of the thoughts. Simply let them be - and simply let yourself be.

Unidentified, you again become the free, unconditioned space in which ALL THAT ARISES has its basis.


  1. Hi Sukhbir! Just come across your blog, and I love the content :)

    Apparently, people are building their own jail from their own thought. And have to really learn to release themselves.

    I am one of these learners.

    Nice to know your blog, will put it to my links :)

  2. Recently have become a dedicated viewer of Mooji's website and am now delighted to have come across your blog. Liberation - freedom of utmost importance to me. Thank you.

    namaste - magdalen doherty

  3. Dear Magdalen,

    Thank you so much for your message. It is GRACE that you have come across Mooji. I love Mooji and although I haven't met him in form, the GRACE THAT SHINES THROUGH HIM in these videos is extremely palpable. HE IS GRACE in the form of a human being.