Nothing is Happening

Q. I don't quite get it when you say that nothing is happening. I mean, so much is going on. There are so many activities and so much happening in my life. How can you say that nothing is happening?

A. When I say that nothing is happening, this is what I truly mean. I mean that nothing is happening and that all so-called happenings are entirely conceptual! Every "happening" is simply a story about a "me" that does things.

If there is no "me" in the first place then what happenings can there possibly be? All happenings are happening to and by a certain someone. But since there is no one who exists, how can there be any happenings?

If we look to our direct experience there is only the ever present awareness and the rising of everything in it. Sensory perceptions and thoughts are perceived. All else, including the idea of a body is simply an idea which is also perceived in the presence awareness.

You Are Consciousness Itself!

Q. If I am unlimited consciousness, then why do I wake up every day as the same limited person and not as someone else?

A. Your question would be completely correct if there was a "person" to begin with. You experience the sensations as a person, but there is no person there. If you look to your direct experience, all there is is experiencing and nothing else. The idea of a person is nothing more than that, simply an idea that is occurring within the presence that you are.

Look to see that what you believe to be a continuous person is an illusion. There is no continuous person with a life story. The only thing "continuous" is presence which is simply always present. The person is not continuous. There is nothing continuous about the person at all. The body is constantly changing, yet you still feel the same. After a certain number of years you tend to forget how old you actually are until someone asks you your age. You are timeless presence since you are not in time.

The body is constantly changing. The life story is constantly changing. The "person" is constantly changing, yet there is a sense that you are the same. That is because YOU AS PRESENCE are the same. Which brings you back full circle to the point that you are consciousness itself!

Avadhuta Gita Commentary: Renunciation

The Avadhut* says:

"Renounce, renounce the world of appearance;
Then renounce renunciation as well.
But, whether you renounce or do not renounce,
Enjoy the nectar of your natural state."

The truest renunciation is not the renunciation of things, one by one. It is the renunciation of the renouncer since the renouncer is also part of the world of appearance.

Then renounce "renunciation" as a concept as well. Since there is no entity to renounce or not renounce, why bother with the concept of renunciation! Drop it.

Once it is seen that there is no entity here either to renounce or not renounce, all that remains is SPACE-LIKE AWARENESS PRESENCE only.

To say that it is all that remains is also inaccurate. It is not all that remains, it is all there ever IS!

*This translation of the Avadhuta Gita is from The Song of the Avadhut by Swami Abhayananda and can be requested for free as an ebook from him. (Click on his name in the link provided to reach his site.)

Spontaneous Utterings of a Fool

There is no karma for a person since there is no person for whom karma can be.

Freedom from karma is not possible because that implies that there is such a thing as karma to begin with.

Awakening, liberation, and freedom do not exist as a goal at the end of a path or process of practice, purification, rituals, etc..

Awakening either is the case already, or it is not worth its name.

There is no awakening from sleep. There is no sleep, no awakening. Only the seeing of both sleep and the concept of awakening from a position beyond both.

There is no awakening, no liberation, no moksha since there is no bondage.

You tell me you want freedom, I ask you to explain to me how you are bound. If you cannot explain bondage, you are already free only carrying the weight of old concepts around.

Awakening, liberation, moksha can't happen because there is no person for it to happen to.

A person can never be liberated. Liberation is freedom from the idea of a "person". But liberation already exists, since the idea of a person is just an idea.



Thinking, when unexamined, appears to come from a "me" for a "me".

Thinking, when examined, is seen to appear from nothing, in nothing, to nothing, for nothing, as nothing.

Don't Get Stuck with Pointers!

Do not try to analyze the words on this blog. Do not try to figure out what is written on this blog. It is not about studying what is on this blog. What is written are simply pointers. If you try to analyze the pointers, you are engaging in a futile attempt because you are not looking to what is being pointed to.

All posts are pointing to that which is already here. It is here before you read the words, while you read the words, and after you read the words. It is pointing to your natural state which is always attained. You are reading from this, about this, with this!

Read the blog, but don't forget the presence in which the reading is taking place.
This is all that is being pointed to.
This blog is simply an excuse for you to read the pointers while abiding as that non-phenomenal presence which is being pointed to. It is the abiding as that which is crucial, not the reading.

Establishing the True Position of "I"

Follow through with this inquiry. Ask yourself these questions and confirm them for yourself as you go along.

Q. I want to know the Self.

A. Where is the location of the "I" that wants to know the Self?

Q. It is here, in this body.

A. Does the body say "I"?

Q. Yes, I am the body and I say "I".

A. When you see a corpse, can it say "I"?

Q. No, the corpse cannot say "I".

A. If the body could say "I", then the corpse should also be able to say "I", but it can't. What does this mean?

Q. It means that there is something else in this body that says "I". Which means that I am not the body.

A. Yes, then what are you?

Q. I am something within this body.

A. Question this assumption. Is this true?

Q.It sure feels like I am this body.

A. Okay, if that is the case, let's look at this another way. When you are asleep and dreaming, you have a body as well right?

Q. Yes, now that I think about it, I have a body as well, when I am dreaming.

A. In the dream, that feels like your real body and the feeling is also that you are inside your body. Can you confirm this?

Q. Yes, this is the case. I can confirm it. I feel like I am inside the body when I am dreaming as well.

A. Good. Now when you are dreaming, where is your location? The real YOU. Where is it? Is it inside the body?

Q. The real me is on the bed sleeping somewhere, not inside the body.

A. That is just a mental answer. In the dream, you feel like you are in your body looking at the world, interacting in the world, where are you located in the dream? Don't tell me that you are on the bed, you need to go to the mind to come up with that answer. Put yourself in the dream, at that time you don't remember your bedroom or anything. Where are you?

Q. In the dream, I feel like I am in the body, but the truth is that I am simply aware of the dream. I don't know where I am located.

A. Look deeper. Are you in the body or outside of the body?

Q. In the dream, it feels like I am in the body, but that body is not real, so I must be outside it.

A. Don't jump to any conclusion about the body being real or not real. Now let's get to the real core of the matter. In the dream body you say "I", believing yourself to be it. Does the dream body say "I"?

Q. I don't quite get your question.

A. I am simply asking whether the dream body can say "I".

Q. Yes, I say "I", even when I am in the dream body.

A. No, no, I am asking you whether your dream body can say "I".

Q. Oh, no of course not, how can something that doesn't exist say anything.

A. But your dream body does exist in the dream. There is a tangible existence of it. You can see it, you can feel it. It does exist.

Q. Yes, the dream body does exist, but it doesn't really exist.

A. Now you are hitting on the right point. What makes it not "really" exist according to you?

Q. It doesn't really exist because when I wake up, that whole set up is gone.

A. Yes, that is true. So you gauge reality by its permanency. If it comes and goes, then it is not real. Am I right in assuming this as your stance?

Q. Yes, that is my stance.

A. Good. Now let's get back to the question I started with. So if the dream body is not real, what said "I" while in the dream body?

Q. It is consciousness that said "I".

A. Good. Where was the location of that consciousness within the dream?

Q. It was everywhere although it felt like it was only in the body.

A. So the body was only an appearance within this consciousness?

Q. Yes, that is how it feels.

A. This is also the case with your current body.

Q. How can this be the case?

A. This is the case with your real body also because it is also not real.

Q. It isn't, but it feels real. I mean, when I wake up from the dream, I wake up into this body. Therefore this body must be real.

A. You said earlier that the definition of real is something that is permanent. If it comes and goes then it isn't real. Isn't this the case with your waking body as it is right now also? When you go into the dream state, what happens to the body of this state? Doesn't it also disappear? When you go into deep sleep, doesn't all of this disappear? If all of this disappears, then how can you say that even this state is permanent?

Q. Whoa, I never thought of it that way before! So this body is a dream as well?

A. Don't jump to conclusions so fast. See this as clearly as you can in order to establish your true position. In the dream state, the dream body is false, but something says "I". We have established that the dream body cannot say "I", yet something says "I". This "I" is consciousness. It is the presence without which neither the dream body, nor the waking body would appear. Now it appears that the waking body says "I", but the truth is that it is consciousness alone which is the presence of "I". All is taking place within it.

Even when you wake up from deep sleep and say, "I wasn't aware of anything". It is the same "I" that noticed that there was nothing to be aware of in deep sleep. There are not many "I"s. It is the same "I" in all three states. In fact, all the three states show up and disappear within the consciousness which we refer to as "I". This is the true and only position. You are the "I". Remain as this and see whether you can ever be away from the Self.

The "I" is still here! (excerpt from an email)

Q. Now here's the problem: I can grasp everything intellectually but I'm still here.

A. You can never be anywhere else but here, so this is not a problem. The only seeming problem is that you have wrongly identified what "is here" with what is "assumed to be here". Your Self, What you Are, is eternal and ever-present. This presence awareness is also aware of the thought of ego. But realize that this is the case. There is no ego! Only awareness of the thought of ego and sometimes a wrong-identification with the thought of ego. However, this is also witnessed. Therefore this is not a problem. You are that Presence and you can only always BE HERE and NOW.

Still Seeking (excerpt from an email)

The reason you are "still seeking" is because you are expecting to find something objective in space and time (whether it is an experience, or some kind of inner confirmation of a state). What kind of confirmation are you seeking? How will you know that the search is over?

If you let the mind continue this game, it can put up endless "obstacles" for another 60 years. In all the teachings it is mentioned that this is not something to be gained anew, it is simply a recognition of what already is.

Seeker and the Search

The one searching for Truth, Awakening, Enlightenment is an illusion.

Truth, Awakening, Enlightenment is simply recognizing that there is no "one" who can attain to these since it is the ALWAYS ATTAINED backdrop on which the seeker and the search is seen.

Nothing to Get

THIS is not something to get.

It is the screen on which all getting and not getting takes place.

Anything that you can get can be noticed.

That which can't be noticed, but in which all noticing appears, is THIS.

Why can't THIS be noticed?

THIS can't be noticed because it is not something separate. It is what you truly are.


Only this!

What is being pointed to in these posts is so simple that it can be overlooked.

It is not more reading that will get you there.

There is no "there" to get to.

This is the clearest pointer:

Even if the body named Sukhbir passes away, the consciousness that has written these words is the same consciousness that is reading them right now! There is no difference. Only the passing away of name and form. I can't pass away.


"I want something that I don't have."

Drop "don't have", and the "want something" still remains. This is suffering.

Drop "want something", and the suffering goes away.

Drop "I", and what remains? Without "I" can suffering even occur?

Without "I", who is there to suffer?

Not there Yet

Q. I am not there yet.

A. Where do you want to be?

Q. I want to get to the point where I am the Self at all times. I am not there yet.

A. The thought "I am not there yet." is occurring in the presence of who?

Q. It is occurring in my presence.

A. Therefore you have to be there to prior to the thought. In fact, you are the background on which all your thoughts appear. That background, which is not an object, is what you are already. All thoughts and appearances are only possible if this background is there. This background is YOU. Without you, nothing exists. This being the case, what are you other than the Self at all times?

"I" am HERE NOW.

"I am on my bed," is just a story (thought). The truth is, I AM HERE.

"I walk to the bathroom," is just a story (thought). The truth is, I AM HERE.

"I am out of the bathroom," is just a story (thought). The truth is, I AM HERE.

"I am in the car on the way to work," is just a story (thought). The truth is, I AM HERE.

"I am now at my workplace," is just a story (thought). The truth is, I AM HERE.

"I am now at my favorite lunch place," is just a story (thought). The truth is I AM HERE.

"I am now on the way home," is just a story (thought). The truth is I AM HERE.

Wherever this body moves, I am ALWAYS HERE.

Where can I BE? Everywhere and yet nowhere! Everywhere and yet NOW HERE!

Effort to Find Self - An Absurd Notion

So you want to get to know yourself.

What do you do?

Some close their eyes and try to feel the presence within them.

Others try to see everything as one.

Still others try to see that they don't exist.

Realize that all three and all other variations of practices imply effort.

Do you need effort to know you exist?

Do you need effort to know what you are?

Do you need effort to see what is?

Even if you close your eyes to feel the presence, you are aware that you have closed the eyes to feel the presence. You are Here already whether the eyes are open or closed.

Even if you try to see everything as one, you are aware that there are thoughts about seeing everything as one. You are Here already whether these thoughts are there or not.

Even if you try to see that there is no personal identity, you are aware of the presence looking to see that there is no personal identity. You are Here already whether you find the identity or not.

You are Here prior to all activities. You are Here during all activities. You are Here "after" all activities. You ARE the Screen on which ALL ACTIVITIES TAKE PLACE.


Awareness and Consciousness

Q. I want to be aware of my consciousness.

A. You already are, otherwise that question would've been impossible to ask. To ask that question requires some presence. You are already awareness.

Q. But how can I stay in this awareness?

A. There is nothing for you to stay in. You are already awareness itself. Can a shadow "stay in the awareness" of anything? The "you" (ego) is a construct and is a shadow. It doesn't exist in reality. It is simply believed in through the power of awareness and consciousness. It it taking place in YOU. Without AWARENESS, "you" wouldn't have existence. Therefore, you already ARE AWARENESS, not something that has to stay in awareness.

Ego Begone!

Q. I want to get rid of my ego.

A. That is an illusion. The "you" that wants to get rid of ego is the ego.

Unconditioning the Mind - Not Required

Q. How do I uncondition my mind?

A. Why would you want to do that?

Q. Because my conditioned mind gets in the way and obstructs the true seeing of what is.

A. You do not need to uncondition your mind to get into true seeing. You are already in true seeing right now, at this very moment. In this seeing, it does not matter whether your mind is conditioned or not.

You are untouched by all conditioning. You are the space in which the conditioning of mind takes place and plays out.

Randall Friend Excerpt - Watch from I AM

The following is a powerful excerpt from Randall Friend's blog:

"Stay right in that I AM-ness. From there watch as the thoughts come and go, telling stories about this or that. Watch as the body manifests as various sensations. Watch as the world situation or experience changes constantly. Watch how the mind makes the changing experience good or bad. Watch how the body tenses in resistance to that which is disliked."

To read this entire posting click here.

Knower of Bondage and Liberation

You are bound. What knows this?

You are liberated. What knows this?

The one that knows is beyond both bondage and liberation and itself is never bound nor liberated.

What knows this?

"I Have Lost it" - Trick of the mind

Q. I have lost that wonderful feeling of the Self and I want it back.

A. What makes you think that you have lost it?

Q. I don't feel the same way I used to. I am bugged by a lot of things going on around me.

A. The mind has got you tricked again. You say "I have lost that feeling." Realize that the "I" that you are using in your statement "I have lost it" is itself the feeling you are looking for. So how could you have lost it when you are using it right now?

You are it right now and are even saying that you are it by using the word "I". The only thing that you are doing right now is to link up this "I" with the thought that you have lost it. Remove the thought of losing or gaining and realize that the "I" is ever-present, ever-self-shining. You can't lose it, you are it and in your statements you say so yourself!

The "I" is ever-present. Don't link it with anything. Or even if it is linked up, don't believe in it. Simply remain as "I". It doesn't get simpler than this. Don't complicate it. You don't have to do anything to be yourself. All that requires effort is not you. You are the one prior to all effort and the seer of the effort. Effort happens within your presence. You are the screen on which all appears.

Scriptural Abuse

Don't misunderstand, misquote, and misuse the Scriptures. Reading them repeatedly without knowing what they are pointing to is futile. "I am Brahman" the scriptures say. Why repeat this? By repeating this a change doesn't come about. In fact you are not looking for a change!

Your natural state IS AS IT IS. The scriptures are simply stating what is and not what you have to BECOME.

NO modification is necessary to be that which you already are!

In fact ANY MODIFICATION that is made will only serve to perpetuate the illusion that you're NOT THAT ALREADY.

Always Here and Now.

I hear you are agitated about not being in the present moment.

Where else could you have been? Where are you right now? Aren't you always here and now?

You say that you are agitated about not being in the present moment. That throughout the day you could feel a sense of anxiety about being too preoccupied with what is going on.

The anxiety was present, were you the anxiety? No. Then what were you?

You were the one aware of the anxiety. Where is the problem in that awareness? What happens if anxiety is seen and that it is also seen that you are not the anxiety since anxiety can be seen? If these two things are seen, where is the problem in that?

Anything that you can see is not you.

Let's go back to the beginning.

You said you were agitated about not being in the present moment. Where else could you be?

The only problem at that moment was that you turned what you were witnessing- the agitation- into something you were identified with ("I am agitated"). You weren't resting as yourself - the noticer of the agitation. You put yourself into the game. The mind grabbed a hold of that and then began to put more thoughts into your head such as "You shouldn't be agitated. Why are you so agitated? Oh no, you're not in the present moment. Your practice has failed."

All of these are just thoughts. Not something to hold on to. They can simply be witnessed and you will simply see that you can never be any where else other than in the present. If you believe the mind, you appear lost. But you are always here! Always now As awareness and not as what occurs in awareness, be they sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, thoughts, or emotions.


So you want to get enlightened?


Have you ever asked yourself this question?

What are you going to get from enlightenment that you don't have already?

Here's what you're not going to get from enlightenment:

1) More money (unless you parade "your enlightenment" to people who don't have a clue what enlightenment is and believe they can get some from you by paying for it).

2) A better life

3) Powers over the world.

Here's why you're not going to get those things from being enlightened:

1) It's not about that
2) It's not about that
3) It's not about that

Then what is enlightenment about?

It's about waking up from your dreams of (1), (2), and (3) and all the rest of the world that you are taking as yourself.

It's about waking up from the dream and not about accumulating more in the dream.

It's about waking up from the dream and not about becoming a better person in the dream.

It's about waking up from the dream and not about changing any particular aspect of the dream.






The Eternal Moment: NOWHERE--NOW HERE--HERE NOW--

Each moment is new, fresh, it is here and now. It has never been like this before and it will never be like this again. Can you see that?

It is the YOU that blocks you from seeing it. The YOU is the past that is brought into every moment making it seem like one continuous story. On top of that, the running commentary of your thoughts which you are completely identified with makes you miss the new-ness and freshness of this moment right now.

It is new and fresh, regardless of whether you can see it or not. It is here and now. There is no past to carry into this moment, there is no future to fret about in this moment.

All of the words here are pointers. You'll never find the truth in these pointers. These pointers are not pointing to anything outside of this moment and therefore they fail miserably in pointing because it either has to point everywhere all at once or nowhere. No-thing can point to now-here. It is here and now. Ever-fresh, ever-new, ALWAYS (without the continuity).

Continuity implies a story and there is no story in this moment other than the one the mind comes up with. If you believe the story, you're trapped. If you can see through the story, you're free. Either way, you're always free here and now! What a relief!

The Is-Ness of NOW

This moment is the only moment there is in all of eternity. It is eternally stretched out. Even the word eternity means nothing and falls into only a word that fails at pointing out this truth. No pointer can ever show you the truth. The truth is not something that can be shown. It is something that is. Just as you can never see the present moment, yet everything takes place within it. You will never be able to see the truth because this moment and the truth are synonymous.

What blocks you from seeing the truth of this is the identification with the movement of the mind. Your mind moves within the presence that is you, but you attach yourself to the movement of thought believing it to be true. The moment is as it is. Your thought doesn't change the moment, but it will definitely change your experience of this moment.

Saying something is bad does not say something about the situation. It is simply a thought that is out to analyze the situation. The situation IS or ISN'T. Everything else is added on by the thoughts that randomly occur.

Look to see that you create your own experience. Experience is created when situations or events (form), triggers thought, and you identify with that thought. A thought does not become real until you believe in it. It requires belief. The highest form of belief is complete and total identification with it (thoughts, images). When you are identified you are no longer living in reality but in a fantasy.

Take a step back. Identification itself can also be noticed. You are the noticer of the one being identified. It is all taking place in you. Stay there and realize the dawning realization that YOU, TRUTH, and THIS MOMENT (the only moment there ever is) are (IS) ONE!

Any Problem Now?

If we inspect our minds right now, we might believe that we have many problems in our life that need our attention.

Pay attention to your breath. Feel the breath fully. You are alive in this moment.

Is there any problem?

Your whole life is simply this breath going in and out. Is there any problem?

All problems are mind-made and need time to survive.

Your life happens only in the now and everything gets dealt with in the now as it arises.

Is there any problem with now?

What is it? Can you show me a problem right at this moment?

I don't want words coming out of your mind to describe to me a problem you might be having 5 minutes from now. I am not talking about that.

I am talking about NOW! Show me a problem you have right at this moment?

You can't. Why? Because there are no problems in the now. Only occurrences. Only a change in form. Changes in form can never be a problem. They are only happenings.

When your mind resists the happenings, and comments on how things should be different, then you have a problem.

But realize that the problem was not there before the mind came in. Therefore the mind is what creates the occurrence as a problem.

Step 2. Now that you realize that the mind creates a problem, don't turn that into a problem. You are free of the mind. You can witness the mind and its plays without having to get stuck or involved in it.

You are the watcher, the space, in which all the forms are arising- whether they are physical forms, mental forms, emotional forms. All forms arise in you. Be the space that you already are. Simply BE.

Freedom: Ever-Present, Unidentified, Unconditioned Space

Identified with thought, the world takes on a different hue. It stops being neutral and full of possibilities and instead becomes fixed. All that arises in the moment and in all freshness is stale when touched by thought.

Identification with thought apparently obscures the ever-obviously-present Truth of what we truly are.

Allow yourSelf the space to be what you are - the space in which all thoughts arise. Don't identify with any of the thoughts. Simply let them be - and simply let yourself be.

Unidentified, you again become the free, unconditioned space in which ALL THAT ARISES has its basis.

Who You Are

Who You Are is not a Who.

You cannot become enlightened.

You cannot BECOME the Self.

There is no YOU to become the Self.

The Self is all there ever IS, ALWAYS.


Losing the Being

Q. What to do when I get lost in the daily confusion and lose awareness of being the consciousness?

A. This is a very funny position to be in because you THINK THAT YOU CAN LOSE WHAT YOU ALWAYS ALREADY ARE.

"I can lose it", is simply a thought occurring in the consciousness of "I AM" (or being-ness itself). Realize that it is simply a thought and leave it at that. You can never lose this. This is the basis of your waking and dreaming state. It is the place you can never leave. It is the ever-unchangeable position. All perception of form, thoughts, and feelings are perceived in THIS. How can you ever lose it?