The Final Post

All that is written here is Dead.

What it is pointing to is the Only Reality.

Don't hang on to the words, no matter how they look.

Turn towards your Self.

Be & Keep Quiet.

This is more than enough.

Too many words will just give too much nourishment to the mind.

Stay as you are.

Chew, swallow, and leave the digestion of these Teachings to the Satguru (inside Your Heart).

Keep Quiet.

There IS - NO Waking, NO Dreaming, NO Deep Sleep


The waking state is not really the waking state.

The dream state is not really the dream state.

The deep sleep state is not really the deep sleep state.

The names "waking" and "dream" and "deep sleep" are names given from the apparent waking state itself.

From the Self, both the "waking" and "dream" are equally dream-like and illusory.

The so-called "deep sleep" state is the nameless stateless state.  It is the Absolute Itself.  That Which IS.

When seen from the perspective of taking the "waking state" to be the "default" position, the "sleep state" is an unconscious state, but this is not the case.

What IS the case is not and has nothing to do with these arbitrarily-made three states.

There are NO 3 States: No Waking, No Dreaming, No Deep Sleep.

All these simply appear and seemingly function according to the rules of illusion.

All along only the Self IS.

Only I Am.


Don't Cleanse the Doors of Perception: Go Beyond Them

William Blake says: "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it really is.. Infinite."

I say: 

No need to cleanse the doors of perception. The doors of perception only lead in one direction - outward. 

 If the Self is known as it really is the doors of perception themselves would be momentary appearances that change in the presence of the Infinite Unchange-able One.   

The Real Solution for All 'Problems'

The solution to every problem is to search for the "one who perceives the situation as a problem."

Who is this one? Where did it arise from? Seek its source. Do it now.

Is there a problem anymore?

The Illusion of a Necessary Journey

All spiritual paths and sadhana(s) are custom-made for those who believe a particular type of journey is required to become what they already are.

When, by Grace, it is seen that "the one who has believed in a necessary journey" is itself a belief, the sadhana drops of itself and the ever-attained 'goal' of liberation is realized to be the case from the very 'beginning'.

Who has a problem in the dream state?

When there is a "problem" in a dream,

The solution is not to "solve the problem."

There is only one solution to all problems in the dream.


Note that the one that wakes up is not the same as the 'one who has the problem' within the dream.

WAKING UP is the dissolution - not only of the dreams, but also of the 'one who has a problem'.

The 'one who has a problem' and the dream are actually one.

The 'one who has a problem' only exists within the dream.

They appear together and dissolve together.

The 'one who has a problem' and the dream itself cannot appear without the perceiver of both!

Find out what you are.

This is the only solution to all dream "problems".

Any Words to Describe the Word-less?

O Wise One,

What words can accurately describe

the Word-less One?

Arrogance and Humility are both Unreal

Who is being arrogant?

Who is to be humble?

The Guru has pointed out that you are beyond arrogance and humility.

Arrogance is not yours.

Humility is not yours.

You aren't do-ing arrogance.

You aren't do-ing humility.

You aren't any thing.

You simply ARE and THAT IS IT.


"Arrogance" and "humility" are not real things.

Can I say this?

"Arrogance" is a judgment call made by the mind about some "thing".

"Humility" is also an analysis made by the mind.

You ARE prior to the mind.

Don't purchase these thoughts of "arrogance" and "humility".

Allow it to come and go.

Stay as you ARE.

You Hold On To Thoughts

By The Grace of Sri Mooji Ji & Sri Ananta Ji,


Thoughts don't hold on to you.

You hold on to thoughts!

You actually don't hold on to thoughts.

You are actually the space in which all thoughts and the appearance of the one to hold onto them arise.

Only a false (identified) idea is affected by thoughts.  Thoughts only affect those of their nature.  Thoughts affect thoughts.

The thinker and the thought simultaneously arise.  The thinker is simply a thinker-thought.

When you sense that "you" are affected by something, stop right there and inquire:

"For whom are these thoughts arising?"





Meeting the Satguru


Meet the Satguru

by dissolving yourself.

Dissolve yourself

by seeing that there is no separate one here.

Only the Satguru remains.

You are That.


Song of The Self- Mool Mantar

Song of The Self - Mool Mantar 
Sung by : Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
(Late 15th Century)
ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ
ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ॥ ॥ੴ

The One Self

Is-ness/Suchness/ Being is The Name

The Sole Do-er of All.

No Fear of Other

No Sense of Other-ness

Timeless - Formless (Not an Object)

Never born

Ever Present

All Teachings pointing to Itself happens spontaneously by its own Grace

(On the occasion of the upcoming Birthday (Jayanti) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 
on November 6, 2014)


If the Light of Truth (Sat) is an Eternal Light, then it can never be overcome by darkness. Any kind of "not-seeing" of the Light is only a belief maintained through and by ignorance.
Therefore the Guru does not remove the darkness to reveal the Light (for the light is Ever-Revealed, Never-Concealed). 
The Guru only removes this belief of there ever being something able to cover the Eternal Light. 
The Guru removes ignorance, the only darkness there is, and it is an illusory one.

Jai Guru Dev!